National Coordination of Indigenous Peoples and Campesinos (CONIC)

Guatemala’s National Coordination of Indigenous Peoples and Campesinos (CONIC), was established to promote sustainable livelihoods and community-led development for indigenous peoples across Guatemala.

CONIC prioritizes:

  •  Building grassroots power to win rights to land, water and food for the indigenous people of Guatemala, including redistributing excessive land holdings and returning communal lands to their traditional owners;
  • Launching a model of rural development and land reform based on the Mayan cosmology;

  • Promoting citizen participation and local power in the countryside;

  • Holding the government accountable for fulfilling the nation’s land reform laws and the promises of the 1994-1996 peace agreements following the long civil war.

Despite violent repression -- including the murder of its president and  his wife -- CONIC insists that Guatemalan indigenous people ought to be able to live in peace, with their basic human rights and livelihoods protected.